Health Talents International

Founded in 1973 in Birmingham, Alabama, Health Talents International is a non-profit Christian organization that works within the Churches of Christ to promote medical evangelism in developing countries. As Christians, we feel that God expects us to use our talents, medical and otherwise, in His service. (Matthew 25)

Jesus introduced a unique partnership between health care and evangelism, as he "was going about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues and healing every kind of sickness." Matthew 9:35 We believe a sick person is able to hear the good news of God's wonderful love more clearly if he first feels that love through another person's actions.    
Health Talents Objectives
Vision: Through medical evangelism in Central America, HTI will nurture self-supporting and self-replicating bodies of Christ.
Strategic Objectives:
  • To preach the gospel in word and deed through medical evangelism.
  • To train local Christians in medical evangelism: professional education, Health Promoters (HP) and Volunteer Health Promoter/Evangelist (VHP/VHE) training, evangelist training, Bible seminars, staff training and retreats, etc.
  • To assist in the development of local Christians/health care workers for the future through the ABC and Scholarship Programs.
  • To provide opportunities for North American Christians to use their talents in medical evangelism.
  • To provide North American college students with a real-life medical evangelism experience through the Medical Evangelism Training (MET) program.

Programs—projects to meet the strategic objectives:
  • Training and teaching programs; i.e. conferences, classroom teaching, retreats, seminars, etc.
  • ABC and scholarship programs
  • Medical, dental and surgical clinics: Guatemalan staff and North American teams.
  • MET Program
MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of Health Talents International is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through teaching and healing ministries.