Wondering About God?

 God created people in His image so that He could have a relationship with us.  God did not just create people to be another animal roaming across the Earth, but gave people the role of being made in His image and being His children. 
God had a plan from the very beginning of time to create you and have a relationship with you.  God wants to be a part of your life as a loving, good, and faithful Father.  God is a perfect Father.  He is always there for you and longs to hear from you.  God desires to show Himself to us every moment of every day.  Everything that God has created was to show His awesome love for you.
God has done His part to have a relationship with His people.  The problem is that we mess things up.  Just like in every relationship you have ever been in there have been things  that happen to mess up that relationship.  What has messed up our relationship with God is sin.  Every single one of us from the very beginning have sinned or messed up our relationship with God.
God's love is awesome, however, and so He made a way for us to have a relationship with Him again.  God showed us grace and forgiveness by sending His only son  Jesus to Earth to make a way for us by paying the penalty of all sin on the cross.   Jesus Christ died and arose again showing that He has power over death, sin, and the punishment of sin(hell).  
If you want to have a relationship with God you need to believe and have faith in His son, Jesus Christ and take the steps necessary to have this free gift from God.  If you would like more information contact our Minister, Jason Thomas. 
Jason Thomas, Lead Pastor
Phone: 740-773-2500
Email: Jason@adena.church